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This is another example of Black & Red shining when a quickly approaching deadline is souring everyone’s mood. was going through an enterprise-level site redesign, and with only four weeks left in the schedule, their team was falling behind. Black & Red was brought in as mercenaries to help implement a myriad of features in collaboration with the development team. Without enough senior developers on the client’s development team, Black & Red was able to step in at the drop of a dime and provide one of our most experienced senior developers to help.

Global level Javascript module development isn’t a term that we throw around lightly, but effectively all of the modules (over 100 modules) implemented on this particular page now go through Black & Red code. We even made it fully accessible to the visual and audio impaired. This is another one that took many, many hours of hard work, but once again, through sweat and stiff wrists, a fully functioning and impressively crafted site is now accessible through the World Wide Web.

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