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Aspen Dental:

Aspen Dental remains one of Black & Red’s longest ongoing projects. As one of the largest dental chains in America (Spanning 20 states nationwide), the Aspen Dental website required many, very specific features that operated with unflinching accuracy. For roughly two years, Black & Red completed all maintenance on the site, comprised of monthly updates. We worked on updates as requested and implemented an array of features that allowed for organization, scheduling, reminders and much more. We also did a series of microsite promotions such as the Healthy Mouth Movement and Taste of the Future. The site was location specific and offered different experiences depending on the geolocation of the user. The Aspen Dental website also provided the means for users to schedule an appointment to their specific Aspen Dental office (of the more than 500 offices nationwide). Black & Red owned all Aspen Dental maintenance and promotional work throughout 2014 and 2015.

Project Info

  • Project Angency: CP+B
  • Project Client: Aspen Dental